Ron Paul, a politician who has the wind in its sails amid U.S. bankruptcy

May 11, 2023 – 12:55 pm

Ron Paul, a politician who is riding high on back of U.S. bankruptcy

If the business daily Jingji Cankao Bao believes that "China must prepare for a collapse of international financial markets" and that the agency of China accuses Americans of being "dangerously irresponsible, " there is every reason to conclude that something happening. This story talks about the debt ceiling is totally surreal. Are you going to leave us a last minute deal to feed a further rise in financial markets, showcase the paper economy? Otherwise, it will need conclude something else, more serious in the short term bine. In any case, for the moment, the media exposure of persistent blocking agreement between Democrats and Republicans over the U.S. debt ceiling is not trivial.

The U.S. Republican Congressman, Ron Paul, who regularly takes about gold, ultra sensitive issue of American high finance, has so far been no major problems. Quite the contrary! Media offer him more and more to express their headlines.

A year ago, Ron Paul asked a serious audit of the gold reserves of the United States. For him, the vault at Fort Knox became an empty shell. This, while U.S. authorities claim that the famous American base where the gold is stored in the Federal Reserve, contains 8, 000 tons of the precious metal. Member of the Texas request an audit because he thinks that the United States no longer have such beautiful reserves.

Ron Paul expressed his accusations in full currency war, the rise in precious metals. In addition, it has been known for a long time as wanting reinstate gold as currency. Remember he wrote Gold Peace and Prosperity (Gold, Peace and Prosperity) in the early 80s. Until now, the mainstream Wall Street, supported by the establishment, have always seen gold as the worst enemy of paper money. When the paper economy rises, normally the price of gold goes down, and vice versa. We are witnessing a reversal that has nothing to do with economic cycles, but an oligarchic logic and the concept of the New World Order.

The last audit published by the U.S. central bank, at the insistence of Ron Paul reveals that "the Fed has spent 16.115 billion dollars (more than the national debt!) Since the 2008 crisis in emergency loans to support the financial sector (including several French banks), and we do not know how much has been paid ... "Between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve secretly bailed out many banks around the world, as well as companies and governments . The loans are made at a rate of 0% and it is unclear what has been repaid. The Americans are unemployed and are being ejected from their homes because they can no longer pay the interest on their loans to banks.


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