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August 28, 2013 – 23:01
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Metal detection methods

Invested Entity precious metals, we are afraid to buy fake gold and silver, gold and silver in fact discrimination and were not really so difficult Oh, through some simple ways to avoid fakes Oh

Choose a reputable business, choose a reputable brand silver

First of all, if very thick super fake, eight Chengdu did not flaunt the brand, do not deal with such goods are cheap to purchase, but will throw good money after bad. Furthermore if exquisite fake, indeed difficult to judge from the outside, but this kind of fake, the goods must be in there, do a lot of differences, such as hollow, irrigation lead, the proportion of high alloy, etc., take the high while the high risk and high profitable way, so in other kinds of content on the detection method used must be measured differentially. (Fraud syndicate made impossible to get 9999 silver 9000 used to sell, so they lose money)

Ultrasonic testing - very high accuracy and low cost

Ultrasonic testing costs low, a detector of about NT $ 40, 000 yuan, so some stores will offer ultrasonic testing services. The principle of ultrasonic testing, in fact, is the use of metal density, penetration is also different to do testing, so no matter what form of fakes, such as silver middle if empty, silver plated copper block, alloy silver plated etc. In ultrasonic testing under eluded capture soon, there will be data detected significant differences. Although undetectable purity, but used to measure different fake and genuine, it can be said approaching one hundred percent accuracy.

Frequency Test

And an analyte can be determined to be the same brand genuine precious metals, tapping with a blunt object (such as a hammer wrapped in cloth), whether listening to different sound frequencies, if hollow, or participate in other metals, percussion The frequency will change, you can hear the sound of high and low. But the accuracy rate is determined in accordance with experience and people go, so can be used as a simple test method.

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Generally i buy cheap but cute clothes

2012-03-22 13:18:09 by -

Because they are disposable so i never spend much on regular stuff. i look good in everything thank god and i know clothes are here today gone tomorrow. i do spend more on precious metals, gems, things that aren't disposable and could be resold for cash if necessary. i drive the same car for 10 years till it dies, i live very frugally.

Because people lie

2011-09-20 00:58:56 by columbus_rob

In the money forum half the advertisements say (and I am paraphrasing) I/we want to lend money to you for 8% interest, the other half say I want a loan and I will pay 12% ormore interest. Why does this not result in thehalf with cash making deals with the half that need cash.
Half the people in the rental forum have bautiful cheap clean rentals and half the people want a rental
In this forum half the people want to buy and half want out so why no deals?
Oil, cars, Precious metals, et al. Why is it so hard to find honesty?

Yes and no.

2009-12-31 19:00:14 by The_Broke_One

Bill Gates still has enough liquid cash to write a check large enough to buy a whole city. His monthly income is still large thatn the annual budgets of many towns and cities. He is just one of many. I'm not just speaking of the 500 richest people. There are many more. Right now they are sitting on the fence and taking a wait and see approach. The ones that have faith in a comeback are sitting on money and real estate. The ones that fear a collapse are sitting on treasury bonds, precious metals, and commodity based securities like oil, grain, food stuffs, and pharmaceuticals. Yes Pharamaceuticals! If you have a hear condition, you may not need light, or air conditioning, but you need heat and nitrostat pills

RE: Ridiculous

2006-02-27 12:04:17 by Rye

When you make arguments like this, you start to lose credibility.
When you ignore my questions about your credentials or your status as an agent YOU lose credibility.
RE isn't just a commodity like precious metals. Do you really believe otherwise?
Actually, RE is more-or-less a commodity. Except that every piece of RE is unique, but other than that it is a commodity. What happens when demand for gold goes up? The price does. Same for land. What is different about an ounce of gold today that makes it worth so much more now than a year ago? World consumption hasn't changed measurably, why has it gone up so much in price? You were just asking the same question about Phoenix housing

Hold onto your hat, gold and silver have a long

2010-12-27 09:03:53 by Shark55

Way to go before it's run finally ends. Scrape some profits off the table along the way to minimize any loses in case you miss selling before it hits it's high.
If you don't own any, it's still cheap.
It's a bad buy if you listen to the uneducated. But then again they missed 400% gains so far and it's still going up. If you think parking your wealth in a fiat currency of a bankrupt government is a sure thing then that's what you should do. Do you also want to invest in a temporary borrowed and paid for economic recovery? Can you afford to be wrong?
There are plenty of investments making a lot of money for a lot of people and not just precious metals

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    Like silver, gold, palladium, Platinum. copper or any other precious metal. Physical like bars, rounds, coins.

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    • I live in Texas, and it s a BIG place right? Where in the state? With anything else, it will depend on what the zoning laws say. I seriously doubt you can get away with starting out of your house, before you get a commercial building. Also, depending on what you are going to accept, you may even need permits from the state or/and the EPA.