How to invest in precious metals

August 28, 2013 – 23:00

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Remo November 2, 2010


Within the field of investments, precious metals are to perform well at qualified investors and retailers are devoting a good portion of their portfolios to precious metals. In this situation, investors level, we must remember that against all odds, metals investments are investments with guaranteed return and are subject to fluctuations in other financial markets.

Since some fronts there is already talk of investment bubble in gold , in all its variations, but the reality is that more volatility and uncertainty in other markets, the price of precious metals continues to rise. As always we recommend from Actibva, prudence and leisurely analysis of our investment decisions should be the directors of our money and to all of you who are interested in precious metals markets, we present the five most common ways to invest in precious metals.

Direct purchase of precious metals

The conventional formula for investing in precious metals is by buying bullion direct metal. You can buy gold, silver, platinum ... To buy or sell precious metals bullion, we must turn to companies that specialize in these transactions. When buying or selling metals under this formula, we must always check the following:

  • Purity of ingot. We must seek to 99.9% although there are varying degrees bullion precious metal purity.
  • International Certificate in metal or stamp / seal.
  • Invoice of purchase, for hypothetical claims. , por lo que no paga impuestos adicionales. Keep in mind that investment gold is exempt from VAT, so you do not pay additional taxes.
  • Certificate of the manufacturer which must contain the brand, the law, the identification number, date of manufacture and weight.

Precious metals bullion have security problems, since we have a safe place to store it, require a shipping logistics and is not the most useful way to operate as an investment. However, Spain have already reached autovending machines that dispense gold bars, more as a curiosity or gift that future investment purposes.

Investing in precious metals through investment funds

If we recall the classification of investment funds , we can see how funds are funds cash or equity assets whose investment is intended entirely to precious metals. These metals can be gold, silver, platinum or combination of metals.

The fund management can also replicate an index of the market price of metals or can go for more complex investment formulas in metals trading futures contracts. For investors less specialized or more persons who want to put their money in metals, the vehicle of funds is the best alternative. However, it should read well the fund's prospectus to check the extent of investment and management fees and minimum dwell time if required.

Direct investment in mining companies through actions

The third way to invest in metals we have by buying shares of mining companies, specializing in deposits, mineral exploitation and sale of precious metals. In these cases, rather than a direct investment in precious metals, invest in a model management company operating in different lines of business and requires a more detailed analysis of the company, in addition to variations in metal prices those who have major business lines.

The advantage of this approach, we have in the hypothetical dividend as positive cash flow for our investment, we do not cover point in any of the other investment avenues, except where we have mutual funds that distribute dividends.


I am interested in precious metals

2011-12-29 16:10:59 by columbus_rob

But I dont know how to do it. I am not inexperienced in the equity and bond markets but I dont know how metals work.
Are you planning to buy physical silver? What fees, commissions, and expenses are involved. If Silver is at say $27 how much would you have to pay $32? If youre eating $5 an ounce in fees and markups you cant really get out for a profit in the short term.
What about futures, options other? What is the spread on these? Do you use an online broker?
I asked these questions before and got no answers. SGI bought long ago and is never selling so he isnt a trader and in the long term eating a 10% or 20% fee can be overcome

You can buy precious metals

2005-07-23 19:37:08 by chiff

Online or at a local well known coin dealer that uses the PCGS system. I buy from and highly reccomend them although there are several good honest online dealers out there. Visit for more info. As for oil, you can buy futures(I use Interactive Brokers) or you can visit your local gas station.

They're down quite a bit, aren't they? ...

2008-10-28 16:17:00 by Manhattan_Eric

Gold mining stocks are kind of difficult to price, because you have to try to figure out how much of their production they've sold forward, what their production costs are, in addition to what you think the future prices are going to be -- it's a lot harder than trading the futures.
What I think about precious metals in general: if you want an investment as part of your overall investment strategy (i.e. a small part of your net worth), buy the metal, put it in a safe place and consider it a sunk cost.

Relax--let me clarify

2005-05-30 13:50:24 by tradingnovice

I already have some long term buy and holds re: precious metals and mining equities, some midtiers, but also some juniors.
i'm talking about trading and futures with an very small bit of money--as I said, tech analysis and some of the tech details are fuzzy to me, so i thought if someone else had a similar interest it would be good to bounce ideas off of--i participate in some goldbug listervs and receive newsletters and all that, but there's a learning curve easier to navigate if you actually talk with someone.

"hedge" refers to hedging the risk of the

2011-02-18 10:30:02 by -

Various investments that the fund holds... which could be anything from stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals.. anything.
The main difference between a hedge fund and, say, a mutual fund is that a traditionl mutual fund typically invests in long positions, i.e., buy at one price and sell at a higher price, or is tied to a particular index; whereas a hedge fund will invest in short positions, long positions, options, futures, etc., to "hedge" the risk.

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  • Avatar James What are some websites to buy precious metals?
    Mar 09, 2010 by James | Posted in Investing

    Like silver, gold, palladium, Platinum. copper or any other precious metal. Physical like bars, rounds, coins.

    • very wide variety of products, low premium price, high s&h price, frequent clearance sale - low variety of products, medium premium price, free s&h for orders $500+, The "Ferrari in Silver Bullion" - mid variety of products, low premium price, mid s&h price, has nucleo trade that acts like ebay for bullion - low variety of products, low premium price, free s&h for orders $200+, monthly discount …

  • Avatar Juan L How hard is to open a scrap metal business in Texas ?
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    I was wondering how hard it was to open a scrap metal business in Texas, I am planning on buying aluminum cans, copper, brass, bronze, stain and steel and many other precious metals and if there was any way I could purchase this metals from the public before having my own business ?

    • I live in Texas, and it s a BIG place right? Where in the state? With anything else, it will depend on what the zoning laws say. I seriously doubt you can get away with starting out of your house, before you get a commercial building. Also, depending on what you are going to accept, you may even need permits from the state or/and the EPA.

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    • Best thing would be to go to a pawn/antique shop, buy a bunch of stuff made with those metals, melt them down, and make a bar. Individual investors cannot just buy a bar of metal.. however since those metals are more common, go to Home Depot and look for them, ie. Copper Wire. If you want to invest in them to make money because you think their price will go up, buy an ETF or a large producer/distributor of those metals, stock.