Selling gold to Iran punishable by the United States

July 2, 2013 – 00:00
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The United States will continue to make it rain or shine on the planet at any cost deciding what is best for others! But we can not really think too much wrong, that behind this decision, hiding exchanges "oil against gold" that are currently between Iran, India and Russia.

A man holds in his hand a gold ingot in a workshop in Istanbul in 2009 (AFP / File / Mustafa Ozer)

The sale or exchange of gold with Iran since Monday may be sanctioned by the United States, under a law passed by Congress in December and aims to prevent Iran from exporting oil in exchange for the precious metal.

Turkey is particularly suspected by U.S. lawmakers to import Iranian natural gas in exchange for gold, in order to circumvent the sanctions on financial transactions with Iran.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order in July 2012 to prohibit this type of exchange, but no action had yet been implemented, and Congress chose to impose by registering in U.S. law banning transactions metals valuable.

"Congress will really monitor the administration that they are enforced, " told AFP Mark Dubowitz, a sanctions expert who regularly testifies in Congress and is in favor of strengthening them.

In practice, the gold by the Iranian government entity or private person delivery Iran can now trigger U.S. sanctions against that entity.

Deputy Treasury Secretary David Cohen had estimated before Congress in May that Turkey did not provide natural gas to gold exchange, but reserved in its detailed response to a closed hearing.

Monday are also effective U.S. sanctions against entire sectors of the Iranian economy: energy, shipping, shipbuilding, port and automotive management.

The car was added to the list by order of Barack Obama on June 3.

Many Iranian companies linked to the regime and the Revolutionary Guards were already subject to sanctions from the United States, Europe or the United Nations, but the new U.S. measures expand the U.S. "net" to all of these sectors, but that Washington has to nominate companies or private individuals.

"By designating entire sectors of the economy and targeting gold, they really send a message to the international business community, saying there are very few areas of the economy where you can legally trade, and you take significant risks if you try, "said Mark Dubowitz.


2 1TB Hitachis... but...

2009-02-04 20:02:26 by smackulus

I have piles of drives, an HTPC I built, a desktop powerhouse I built, a new laptop, a couple of old computers I need to get rid of, a DVI KVM switch, a bluetooth headset, 3 cell phones (tho' I just use the newest one), a 1080p TV (replaced the 720p I had), a compact stereo amp/radio/player thingy, and multitudes of hardware, memory, etc. etc.
I should have gotten into buying precious metals or something, at least they wouldn't lose value as soon as they're purchased!

The Real lesson of Title-Gate

2010-10-14 11:34:38 by boomerbust

The "Digital Economy" is not a panacea.
Real Things that Real People need in the Real World (such as a home, for instance) need to have Real, Tangible, Human Speed documentation and responsibility chains.
Just because a computer can do it faster does not mean it does it better.
This is also why people are buying precious metals:
They are tangible items anyone can hold and understand, not just a bunch zeros and ones held in a computer in Zurich or Bangalore.

Commercial postings in Items Wanted

2009-02-25 07:46:28 by TopherE

(Sorry about incorrectly posting this in the Feedback section).
There is a steady flow of postings in Items Wanted by businesses that want to buy items -- jewelers and pawn shops buying precious metals; scrap dealers buying old appliances and old cars, etc.
In my judgment these are legitimate businesses and their postings would be just fine if they were in an appropriate category, but there really isn't an appropriate category -- Items Wanted isn't part of the business section, but then there's no "wanted" part of the business section, either.
I think it would make sense to create a Items Wanted by Businesses section for these folks to use without violating any rules, and leave regular Items Wanted for individuals.

Are you serious. The world has a combined debt

2013-07-18 09:50:44 by eyegab

Of 1.5 quadrillion dollars in derivatives. When that bubble bursts no currency, or metal, will have any value at all. It will all implode like something never before seen in all of recorded history. It's like a mega city suddenly cut off from all of its resources. Food, water, electricity. It will be total chaos.
I keep wondering why people keep buying precious metals. Can't eat metal. And it's not medicine. Can't heat with it. Not a good roofing material. It can't buy what isn't available. And this government is making sure that nothing will be available.
All the food is poisoned directly applied or grown from within

I like precious metals for investment

2011-02-26 09:10:32 by Aviator

As they're relatively insensitive to political manipulation, tho not totally immune to manipulation (remember the Hunt brothers trying to corner the silver market). But silver and gold are a good way to protect yourself against a declining dollar. Already, the world is starting to talk about moving away from the dollar as the standard. I bought some gold back when it was in the $250-275 range, and silver when it was in the $8-9 range, and it's done quite well for me. I just wish I could have bought more at the time. I was looking at buying more gold when it was $1000 but couldn't swing it due to the employment situation

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    Aug 19, 2008 by Myrain P | Posted in Olympics
    • If you actually earned it and it was not just given to you? There is no price to be put on it (PRICELESS). Or al least it should be! If you didn t really earn it then I guess you could find some way to put a price tag on it.