When more shares and when more gold / buy precious metals?

August 28, 2013 – 23:00

The saver is best to talk it a convert to and after its over the last fifteen years of accumulated precious metals stocks and perhaps real estate. How quickly the time comes, no one can say.

One can, however, based on historical data inform themselves.

There is also the ultimate chart for the big picture. The page allowed to divide by each individual value sequences.

So you can specify the value of the Dow in ounces of gold, with the following heading input "$ INDU: $ GOLD".

Here I have a P & F chart sat as an example over the last three years, that I really like it because you get a lot of information in a small area.

The above value must be divided by 100, so currently it is 7.55. If the current value shown there drops to 4 or even 2 times, then you can think slowly to the Exchange and in units of valuable company.

This finding results from the fact that these values ​​were at historic low, as can be seen for example on the following long-term chart:

found here
C3% A4ltnis_von_gold_und_dow_jones

The whole thing is of course only a reliable indicator when the monetary system survived, but what I do not go out. In total crash one must consider a new criterion, after going. We do this but only when it's time.

And as a graphic

found here

And one

seen here

and two graphs
seen here

important limitation on 11.10.2012:

From the technical-professional side, the statements above are certainly true, but we all forget one important aspect: with increasing expansion of the balance sheets of the Fed, the ECB, SNB, BoE, BoJ, and virtually all commercial banks, I am even now even very skeptical of my own comments above.

Please read the article here

As a conservative savers - which holds its money by definition - must rather expect that the economy unlike similar events in the U.S. in 1932 (and with restrictions in 1980), again not as easy recovery. A quick recovery you may actually be only when the monetary system, despite a significant weakening maybe even survived at least. Only then that all considerations that we employ today are.

Dow gold ratio, 1800 - 2013 Dow gold ratio 1800 - 2013 with trend lines

Source: martin-schweiger.com

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Always keep a little powder dry. You never

2011-11-24 10:25:05 by jujyiui

Know when the next opportunity arises.
Also, if the fundamentals for your original decision are still valid, then patience is the key. For example, precious metal mining and exploration stocks have taken a beating lately along with the broad market so this just means a buying opportunity on the cheap.
Nothing has changed to justify a decline in this sector. in other words, the financial/economic climate is still in the shitter. Much brighter days ahead for precious metals. (the best form of "money" for 5,000 years)

People who can't even balance a checkbook

2011-03-07 08:49:03 by social2010

Somehow believe that they can buy a house as if it was the same financial commitment and complexity as buying a refrigerator.
Too many people never understood (nor understand now) that real estate is just another asset class (like stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc.) and therefore requires the same degree of financial sophistication to invest successfully. In fact, it really requires an even greater understanding because unlike these other asset classes...a home CANNOT be purchased with dollar cost averaging... so correctly timing the housing market (which is impossible)--only adds to its inherent risk.

Don't go ga-ga over go-go investments

2008-09-02 05:56:54 by GeorgeBailey

In the '90s it was tech stocks. Then real estate became the sure thing, which led to a spree of trading up, flipping fixer-uppers, collecting second homes and even buying condos with IRA cash. This year the "can't lose" investments are natural-resources stocks (up 29% for the 12 months to June 30), precious metals (up 29%) and energy (up 26%).
I'm not predicting that Armageddon lies just around the corner for today's winners. But gains of this magnitude aren't sustainable

Ever feel you can never get ahead?

2006-10-24 02:41:02 by Bubble_Sitter

Do you feel like everything you invest in loses value? Funny how money never dissapears, it just changes hands and changes form.
1997-2000 tech stocks rallied to exponential measures. Smart people got out when things were good, Dumb people were getting in right in Jan of 2000.
2000-2005 Smart people with gobs of money looked for a safe haven during the stock market crash saw undervalued real estate as a nice place. Dumb people didn't realize what was taking place until about 2004 after hearing stories of other people getting rich. This is when the smart people are quietly selling all their properties when things are going good

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