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May 10, 2023 – 12:33 pm
Oshikoto approves of Dundee s efforts | Namibian Sun

The Canadian company Dundee Precious Metals has invested approximately $ 155 million in Armenia over the past six years, through its Armenian subsidiary Deno Gold Mining, according Hrach Jabrayan president of Deno Gold Mining.

"Over the past six years, Dundee Precious Metals has invested approximately $ 155 million (63.7 billion drams) in the development of the mining sector of Armenia. Over the past three years, the company has invested $ 6 billion drams in environmental projects and $ 2 billion in various projects to ensure the safety and health of employees and 800 million drams in their training, "he said.

He said the company was in ninth position in the list of largest taxpayers in 2012, after paying $ 7 billion drams in various taxes.


Where do you get silver at $0.50 over spot?

2005-02-28 10:25:11 by HardMoney

The cheapest place I've found to get bullion silver coins is
Their cheapest 1-oz. coins right now are $10.50 for '01 American Silver Eagles.
I'm sure I could do better if I were buying hundreds of dollars worth of coins, but for small purchases, where are you finding these prices?
Regardless, the link in my OP explains why they are not selling silver and they even say, "If what you want to do is buy precious metals, go buy bullion silver or gold coins from a local dealer."

Well, that was a stupid thing to do...

2009-06-07 08:54:12 by ------

Buying precious metals without the original packaging from some guy you met on CL is a bad idea. You paid too much, buddy.
Good luck selling that coin back to any reputable dealer/buyer as it probably has been dinged and scratched. The best value is when you get your coins from the mint and have them graded by NGC. If you come out with a PF70 or 69 or MS70 or 69, you've got something worth holding onto.

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  • Avatar Myrain P What is the value of a olympic gold medal.?
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    • If you actually earned it and it was not just given to you? There is no price to be put on it (PRICELESS). Or al least it should be! If you didn t really earn it then I guess you could find some way to put a price tag on it.