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May 10, 2023 – 12:33 pm

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( - The founder and CEO of Dundee Comp fund.Gooman Ned has killed the last stronghold of banking shares remaining in your estate,directing these investments to gold.

Goodman's equity amounted to 10, 000 million Canadian dollars (about 9, 600 million U.S. dollars),which is invested in energy companies,real estate,precious metals and infrastructure.Until last July,Goodman had a percentage of control in the Scotia Canadian bank whose market value was C $ 519 million as of March 31.

Goodman objectives given ooze a little clairvoyance among mainstream investors,as shown in these statements to Bloomberg last August 1: "Our way of acting in the entire investment is to be present in those industries and companies that take lead to an inflationary process.At this point,I am very optimistic about the gold more than ever. "

The founder in 1962 of the current Brookfield Asset Management has made a clear,determined by the investment gold.The continued monetary expansion will end later or earlier,in an inflationary process large scale and rapid loss of value of money.As stated by Goodman,is simply a matter of time.A nation like the United States will not last,longer,continuous printing money.

At this time,the inflation is not present across the board.Inflation measured by the CPI wrongly,just over 2%. However,certain food products and financial services have a clear inflationary trend declared three years.Not surprisingly,the part that floats to the real economy of monthly liquidity injections by the Fed and the BoJ is directed toward the most dependent on credit and with a great capacity to absorb liquidity.At one time it was the real estate and other sectors are now.

Goodman policy to manage systemic and inflationary risk is generating remarkable results.The market capitalization (the market value) of Dundee Management totaled 1, 190 million Canadian dollars.This company based in Toronto listed on the Toronto and in the composite index Standard & Poor's / TSX American.In the past five years,the company has generated a cumulative return of 165%,well above the return on investment of your admired Warren Buffet (do not exceed 52%).

Goodman,finally,stands out in other fields such as real estate and countryside,especially sheep (sheep,goat and lamb).Owns a 83% share of Blue Goose Capital Corp. which is dedicated to raising sheep and growing seeds,besides owning farms and fishing moorings.Blue Goos is one of the largest meat producers in North America,with more than 13, 000 head of cattle.

On the real estate side,Goodman owns a subsidiary of "real estate" and several subsidiaries and the Corporation and Industrial Real Estate Investing Dundee,which bought the tower in Toronto that houses the headquarters of the Scotia Bank for C $ 1, 300 million.

Source: Financial Post Business


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Where do you get silver at $0.50 over spot?

2005-02-28 10:25:11 by HardMoney

The cheapest place I've found to get bullion silver coins is
Their cheapest 1-oz. coins right now are $10.50 for '01 American Silver Eagles.
I'm sure I could do better if I were buying hundreds of dollars worth of coins, but for small purchases, where are you finding these prices?
Regardless, the link in my OP explains why they are not selling silver and they even say, "If what you want to do is buy precious metals, go buy bullion silver or gold coins from a local dealer."

Well, that was a stupid thing to do...

2009-06-07 08:54:12 by ------

Buying precious metals without the original packaging from some guy you met on CL is a bad idea. You paid too much, buddy.
Good luck selling that coin back to any reputable dealer/buyer as it probably has been dinged and scratched. The best value is when you get your coins from the mint and have them graded by NGC. If you come out with a PF70 or 69 or MS70 or 69, you've got something worth holding onto.

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