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August 28, 2013 – 23:00

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The graph shows the evolution of the relationship between sales of Silver Eagles and those of Gold Eagle, both minted by the U.S. Mint.
. The popular "Eagles" are a good barometer of the market of gold and silver to detail.
, gli investitori hanno acquistato aquile d'argento con un rapporto medio di 48 per ogni aquila d'oro . Dopo il grosso crollo delle quotazioni dei metalli preziosi del 12 aprile, invece, gli investitori hanno acquistato una grande quantità di aquile d'oro , approfittando dei prezzi scesi di 200 dollari in due giorni. In the first three months of this year, investors bought silver eagles with an average ratio of 48 for golden eagle. After the big collapse in the prices of precious metals of April 12, however, investors have acquired a large amount of gold eagles, taking advantage of the price dropped $ 200 in two days.

In this month of July, however, something amazing is happening.In termini di controvalore in dollari, gli investitori stanno attualmente comprandoquasi il 50 % in più di aquile d'argento rispetto alle aquile d'oro .In terms of the equivalent in dollars, investors are now buyingalmost 50% more silver eagles than gold eagles.

, inoltre, hanno registrato uno sbalorditivo 45 % in più rispetto al 2012, stabilendo il nuovo record di tutti i tempi . Silver Eagle sales for the first seven months of this year have also recorded a stunning 45% more than in 2012, setting a new record of all time. If we examine the data of the last six years, we can note . Nel 2007 c'erano 139 dollari investiti in oro per ogni dollaro investito in argento ; a very interesting trend. In 2007, there were $ 139 invested in gold for every dollar invested in silver; . in 2012 this ratio declined significantly f ino only 30 dollars for every dollar gold silver.

We are currently witnessing a run on the acquisition of physical gold. l' insaziabile domanda degli investitori, soprattutto asiatici . It seems that this is drained from the coffers of the GLD ETF fund to help meet the 'insatiable investor demand, particularly in Asia.
Sooner or later oro fisico si prosciugheranno , costringendo grandi e piccoli investitori ad acquistare il prossimo metallo migliore prezioso, l'argento. the availability of physical gold will dry up, forcing large and small investors to buy the next best precious metal, silver.
, qualsiasi quantità considerevole di capitali che verranno investiti in questo metallo spingerà il suo valore significativamente più in alto in termini percentuali rispetto all'oro . As the price of silver is currently 65 times less than gold, any considerable amount of capital that will be invested in this metal will push its value significantly higher in percentage terms than gold.


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Hey beacon, i have something for you from CNN

2013-07-27 05:15:34 by 14millionyearsold

Might have to arrive in two patrs:
Meg Urry
New results from studies of a gamma-ray burst -- an extremely energetic, fast explosion, typically from the distant universe -- suggest gold could be created in the collision of two neutron stars, which are kind of like two giant atomic nuclei.
Let's pause for a chemistry refresher. An atom is made of a tightly bound nucleus of protons (positively charged) and neutrons (uncharged), orbited by electrons (negatively charged) -- a bit like planets orbiting the Sun, except instead of gravity, the electromagnetic force keeps the electrons orbiting the nucleus

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