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August 28, 2013 – 23:00
Equities Sector Coverage: Stocks Rally to Recover From Last Week s

Then came the dreaded bump. This month I have included a column to the right gives us has been falling in the month (in relation to our review date, I can not match the official statistics). My vision of the market is bad in the short term, not surprisingly some of my recent posts are to open short (Brazil that is like a shot and French also goes well). The problem with money is that I'm very bound hand and I can not do stock picking (selection of values) or open short. My investment premise is that:

1. The Fed's monetary stimulus will be fine-tuned as the ECB announced and much to keep bond buying program is not going to jump to German standards. The German financial creed says "monetizing the debt is bad, very bad" and Draghi have said that as lie to make money will eat many Kartoffen

Two. As you increase the velocity of money will be inflation. Oh yes, this time "no different" and throughout history whenever inflation makes money is generated. Another thing is the time.

Three. That volatility will be increasing and managing portfolios box is going to be very, very difficult. Still low rate environment, with large economies deleverage and emerging (China, Brazil) with enough internal troubles. Monetary with very low profitability, fixed income returns to low and volatile bags firmly planted only stomachs (stomachs replace part of your anatomy that you prefer)

Well with this difficult environment we will see that they make the jinn:

Come with friend Mou already loses the match: Carmignac father has hit a bump bearing in mind the type of background that is. A far cry from the good management of its equivalent in Nordea. Carmignac fall, I had between the eyes last month and today seems more a has a background in quality to which we had used. Edouard Messire leaves us. As good as managing Firmino Morgado, that is, Spain and Portugal get for what they give. And give to very little. Out. Mou will position itself in dollar money currency for effect, and will have a hint of its investment in another pinch volatility and gold.

We transfer the entire Carmignac Cash USD Amundi Funds FU-C Class (LU0568622186) with a net asset value of 100.75 dollars and an exchange rate of 1.3009, this is our 6411.64 8335.13 euros become dollars and we give for 82.73 shares.

Regarding the trespass Fidelity $ 1, 000 gold and the rest 512.76 to volatility. Our guest stars are:

Gold: Invesco Gold & Precious Metals (other funds but I prefer high minimum ask, Invesco can enter from 500 euros). LU0503253931 with EUR 3.82 net asset value, this is 261.78 shares

Volatility. Amundi Funds Absolute Volatility World Equities AE-C Class. LU0557872479 a net asset value of 105.74 euros, this is 4.85 shares.

PORTFOLIO MOU VL No part total ISIN Fall May June%


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Hey beacon, i have something for you from CNN

2013-07-27 05:15:34 by 14millionyearsold

Might have to arrive in two patrs:
Meg Urry
New results from studies of a gamma-ray burst -- an extremely energetic, fast explosion, typically from the distant universe -- suggest gold could be created in the collision of two neutron stars, which are kind of like two giant atomic nuclei.
Let's pause for a chemistry refresher. An atom is made of a tightly bound nucleus of protons (positively charged) and neutrons (uncharged), orbited by electrons (negatively charged) -- a bit like planets orbiting the Sun, except instead of gravity, the electromagnetic force keeps the electrons orbiting the nucleus

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Higher-than-expected US jobless claims added some shine to the price of gold, pouring cold water on fears the Fed is planning to start turning off the dollar printing taps next month.

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    I want to add pmc gold or silver (probably silver) to an iron medallion a blacksmith friend created for me but I m concerned that the pmc won t bond to the iron when I fire it and the silver will just fall off.

    • Without specific experience with PMC, I think you are going to have to paint the iron with flux to deal with the oxides. The silver is soft enough that the difference in coefficients of expansion may be irrelevant. Before doing it with your medallion, I think a test on a piece of scrap iron from the blacksmith would be in order.

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    • Back when I did lost wax casting one method that people used for firing the investment and vaporizing the wax to cast melted silver and gold was to make a kiln out of a plain, unglazed terra cotta firepot which was turned upside down on top of an electric hot plate. I ve seen this done but never built one myself, and it worked great. You can also nest two or three pots together to make the kiln stronger and retain heat better. Another technique …