Royal Bank of Canada: Multiple factors pushing up the price of gold - Gold Channel

August 28, 2013 – 23:01
Miljardair Jim Rogers koopt goud bij het leven

Remittance Network August 26 hearing - Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Vice President, Global Capital Markets futures precious metals strategist George Gero department on Friday (August 23), said a number of factors driving the yellow gold grid upside $ 1, 400 / ounce mark, including any options due to short covering, summer overall market was light, the Fed's annual Jackson Hole conference concerns the ongoing conflict in the Middle East as well as large banks were downgraded.

The bank said that gold if close above 1400 dollars / ounce mark, the next target will see $ 1, 430 / ounce, but before profit-taking may also occur. Meanwhile, the higher lease pricing, and rebound will hedge a reason mining is currently a good time to buy.

Beijing time 19:05, the international spot gold price at $ 1, 395.05 / oz, down $ 2.13, or 0.15%. [Q] [custom service online]


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American Eagle gold coins sold out after spree

2008-08-21 10:46:22 by NiteCrawlerofTruth

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A buying spree in the popular American Eagle bullion coins appears to have depleted inventory of major North American coin dealers, contributing to supply fears and sharply higher gold prices on Thursday.
Coin dealers in the United States and Canada said buying of gold coins and other bullion products has soared since last week as gold prices tumbled to near a nine-month bottom.
Blanchard and Co., one of the largest U.S. retail dealers of rare coins and precious metals, said the American Eagle and American Buffalo one-ounce gold coins -- novel items among collectors and investors -- are currently sold out

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