Macroeconomics: the collapse of gold and other precious metals at the hands of the FED

May 10, 2023 – 12:33 pm

GUEST POST: the weekly barometer of gold.The most important events of the week and the role of gold in investment portfolios and central banks.

The market for precious metals (gold,silver,platinum and palladium) this week was negatively affected by the collapse in the prices of industrial raw materials. Copper,aluminum,lead,zinc and nickel have reached the minimum prices for six months now,a sign of a sharp slowdown in the 'global economy.

Sitting dramatic to Friday. 'Gold has retraced by as much $ 72.50 compared to the previous day's closing and silver of $ 1.48.The former assistant to the U.S. Treasury Department,Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,in an interview online with Eric King said today (Friday 'March 12) we have witnessed a large-scale attack in the prices of precious metals.

Dr. Roberts has clearly argued that behind the manipulation bearish there 'the U.S. Federal Reserve. The Fed and' terrified by the fact that the U.S. dollar will permanently lose the status of a currency as a means of payment for international trade.The Fed can not 'raise interest rates to support the dollar rate must therefore counteract the gold (the only competitor of the greenback). The counter-offensive and 'played on the main market synthetic-term U.S.,the Comex in New York.

Robert says definitely that the Fed is trying to keep the negative real interest rates,otherwise the collapse of the U.S. financial system (and consequently Western).Andrew Maguire (The Whistleblower) in another interview with Eric King has confirmed that the sharp depreciation of gold and 'due to the violence of manipulation bearish synthetic futures markets.

Maguire said that the physical market of the yellow metal 'more energetic than ever.In fact,China from March to today has bought about 400 tons of gold (in February,official data,set the record of all time in buying from Hong Kong - see details below).The price of gold and 'back to lows of July 2011.In addition to purely economic reasons that justify this weakening of the market for precious,Jim Sinclair Mineset said that gold and silver have been the subject of a "concentric attack bearish" on the part of some international financial institutions and through public announcements in strong emotional impact they intended to depress the market.


Mining garbaged cell phones

2008-11-26 15:48:29 by Tek_Jansen

Mining gold used to mean sifting through pans of water and muck to find precious nuggets. That evolved to crawling through dark passages deep within the Earth. The newest gold mine has plastic, a circuit board and the digits of that girl you met at the bar last night.
“Urban mining,” or the process of extracting precious metals from cell phones, is one way to combat the wastes inherent in the mining industry. And your old cell phone is literally a deposit waiting to be unearthed. One metric ton of cell phones contains 140 kilograms of copper, 3

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