Price decline in precious metals: from the junkyard it?

May 16, 2023 – 02:21 pm

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For several weeks no longer shiny gold and silver is pushed through as apparently lead to the basement. With these arguments, the mainstream media wants us madig make such an investment because of the current price development of precious metals. Although the prices of gold and silver may have come in the past few weeks a lot of pressure, but one thing is clear: Such a price decline is by no means tantamount to a loss of value.

Real gold and silver lovers or investors and falling prices always say: "My gold still weighs the same." And they are quite right with it. Who uses precious store of value his life's work or to hedge the assets of crisis-proof, which shows mostly unimpressed by falling prices, because he considered no short-term trends.

On the contrary: Many seize the favorable opportunity and further layers of paper into metal, much cheaper than the heavy store of value will probably not be. This is in the nature of things, because gold and silver have very low incidence on earth, the promotion means high costs and therefore is already an almost natural value in the metals.

Unlike money and other paper-based "values" Precious metals have an intrinsic value that can not be influenced or only slightly from the outside. While it is possible through sophisticated market manipulation, to drop the price of the metals abruptly as it happened in April when gold and silver News just in, but more than that is just not there.

While paper or electronic money at any time destroyed overnight stroke of a pen or fully automatic can be stolen from any citizen - as recently happened in Cyprus - can disappear only by real physical gold theft. Although this is not impossible, but designed especially for the transport ton capacity itself enormously difficult - not to mention the countless gardens that would be predicted by the laboriously dug thieves.

It is important to recognize that, for example, the price of gold is actually considered completely wrong in the conventional manner. In the markets is indeed done so, so that an ounce of gold currently just under $ 1400 "value" is. In truth and in the past, however, gold has always been pretty much the same value, only the amount of paper increases or decreases, which must be exchanged for it.

From this perspective it is also immediately clear what is happening here in reality: Not the gold or silver price rising steadily for many years, but our paper money is worth less and less, so that more of this precious metal ever needed to purchase the same amount. Gold is therefore a perfect scale for the determination of inflation. Some refer to it as a thermometer of the monetary system .

However, the fever rises too high, sometime very dangerous for the patient. Now there are just two doctors for the financial freedom to act:

  1. Eliminate the cause of the rising fever.
  2. Artificial lowering of the fever by manipulation of the thermometer.

The latter was what happened in April, when gold suddenly rushed into the basement. However, the media make us want to believe in all seriousness, the burglary happened, because so-called professional investors have suddenly lost interest in precious metals in April. Another explanation they have just not for the "experts" do not anyway, because a manipulation of the market price of course they hold only for a "crude conspiracy theory".


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The Domino Effect

2006-09-16 08:08:45 by WorldCrash

We're once again leading the world. This time in to financial ruin. Way to run our record surplus in to the ground, enrich your friends and screw the middle class GW!


Friday, September 15, 2006 -
"The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a warning that the world economy is increasing its chances of undergoing a global crash, according to the Independent and other sources.
Despite its warnings over recent years, financial imbalances in the U

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