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May 10, 2023 – 12:33 pm

Editora Globo Learn about the technologies that allow transforming what would be thrown out on a source of energy, fuel for cars and even precious metals. Ideas that are worth gold

by Priscilla Santos | Illustrations: Samuel Rodrigues

Each year, 1.3 billion tonnes of waste are produced in cities around the world. That quantity is expected to double.Editora Globo According to the UN Programme for Environment (UNEP), in 2025 the number will reach 2.2 billion, placing us in a kind of global crisis garbage where the main villain is the mismanagement by governments .

In Brazil, the National Solid Waste states that by 2014, all dumps in the country are extinguished. "I think the positive goal, but do not believe it will be so fast, " says George Hargrave, the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), which released in October a mapping of waste management.Editora Globo The results show that although the amount of waste taken to landfills has grown 120% in recent years, most of it is still dumped in landfills and landfills (understands the differences to the side), creating problems of public health and air pollution to transportation issues. "In the Amazon, some airports closed during the day because there is no ceiling for takeoff and landing, such was the amount of vultures attracted to landfills, " said Luciano Basto, energy planning expert and professor of graduate studies in engineering at UFRJ.

But what may become a problem solution. "We have the opportunity to convert waste into fuel, boosting the domestic economy and creating jobs, " says Basto. The projects use the waste for electricity generation already have their representatives in Brazil. World, ultratecnológicas solutions are being applied already. Transforming plastic used in petroleum, beer unsuccessful use to accelerate the formation of gases and extract pure gold from old phones are some of the hi-tech alternatives that you know the following.Editora Globo

1) Hi-tech Landfill

Beer for bacteria
When food waste, paper, tree leaves, or any other type of organic matter to landfill will, over time, decompose. But this period may be longer than previously thought. A study from the University of Arizona found steaks age 15 intact and newspapers still readable 30 years. What is nothing positive when the idea is to harness the methane that results from the decomposition. Thinking about it, Waste Management, the largest American company Waste Management has invested in a method that consists of installing a pipeline in the soil of landfills and circulate air in the upper layers and a liquid that mixes beer and soft drinks lower the losers. The air helps to break down organic material from surfaces and accelerate methane production below. In the process, the gas generation has become four times faster and accumulated debris decreased by 35%, increasing the useful life of the landfill.

Editora Globo Editora Globo

Source: www.nossasaopaulo.org.br

From a political standpoint, will private space

2012-04-27 13:28:07 by wyef

Exploration really be possible?
First, in light of the treaties which supposedly mean no one can claim space property (moon, mars, etc.)
second, does that apply to minerals, such as the consortium of individuals planning to research mining an asteroid for precious metals.( there are arguments whether any exist )
third, commercial space flights, to space stations, possibly to the moon etc.
Or, will all of these end up requiring global international laws?

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