Precious metals and stones

May 21, 2023 – 02:47 pm
Stark Street Studios & Gallery: Carol Greiwe

Precious metals and stones The minerals and rocks have played a primary interest for humans since the dawn of humanity. In the stone age they began to use flint and obsidian to make tools. It turned out that in fact these naturally fractured rocks forming sharp edges.

About 10, 000 years ago, discovered the use of copper, and 5, 000 years after the production of bronze, melting copper and tin together. The discovery of bronze, more durable than copper, marked the end of the Stone Age, even more important was the discovery, about 3, 300 years ago, of how to make iron. The iron, metal, highly resistant, is more common than copper and tin, and said beginning the Iron Age to modern times.

The interest in the riches of the soil was not, however, limited to minerals and rocks intended for technological applications, but also to their beauty, especially minerals. Gold was used in jewelry since the Stone Age, and the use of silver was introduced in the Bronze Age. In ancient Greece the use of minerals had a wide spread, insomuch that the modern names of many minerals are derived from the Greek terms, such as nephrite (greenstone) whose name derives, oddly enough, from the greek nephros, ie kidney and this because the Greeks believed that an amulet of nephritis would take away the diseases of the kidney. The Greeks were also convinced that amethyst prevented from drunkenness, and the Greek word means precisely amethystos sober. Many other magical powers were attributed to minerals, for example rock crystal, a quality of quartz, was given the power to prevent toothache and internal bleeding.

In the Middle Ages the alchemists, who were partly learned and partly magicians, minerals linked to many superstitions. For example, an alchemist in 1200 believed that an opal wrapped in a bay leaf confer invisibility to the wearer. So some medieval beliefs still remain: many believe bring good luck upon himself to keep the stone of the month of birth. However, modern geology has contributed to the spread of the fascinating science of minerals and rocks, collecting of which is now a very popular hobby.


Gemstones and Precious Metals (School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University)
Book (Wiley Custom Services)

Bullets aren't universally compatible though

2009-10-23 07:41:50 by need_something_universal

That's the thing with GOLD. People have always DESIRED gold. And it has a high value/weight ratio. What other item lasts forever, holds its value well, and is easy to store/hide?
Let's assume they BAN sale of precious metals and gemstones to prevent people from hiding their wealth using these.

INFLUX Jewellery Gallery, Calgary

2005-11-28 23:14:39 by softbrat0

INFLUX Jewellery Gallery
INFLUX Jewellery Gallery carries a unique collection of new genre jewellery and wearable art which isn't available elsewhere in Canada. INFLUX represents over 30 local, national and international artists. Pieces range from rings and brooches to hand bags and scarves, while materials span from precious metals and gemstones to rubber, steel, wood and found objects.
#201, 100 - 7th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0W4
T. 403.266.7527
[email protected]

Well that's your cue

2008-09-10 10:12:07 by ceylonsapphire

Now you have an excuse to buy more white gold - lol. As a jewelryholic I have all the precious metals in all colors and gemstones in every color - it's the styling that gets me sometimes...I'm not into hearts that much & for some reason hubby keeps buying that particular theme - but they are precious to me & I save them for my 2 daughters.

Fossils are the result of a natural preservation

2009-06-15 13:05:40 by katcha

Process that isn't available in every situation. It takes very special circumstances to make a fossil, and special circumstances to uncover one without destroying it.
Gemstones and precious metals are the result of specific geological proceses that don't occur everywhere in the world.
Do some research on the geological history of your region, and you'll get a good idea of what you could find if you "dug down".

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