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The Fund's principal investment objective is capital appreciation. Its secondary objective is income. Under normal market conditions, the Fund Invests Principally (at least two-thirds of) its net assets in securities issued by gold and precious metals operation companies. Gold and precious metals operation companies includes companies That mine, process, or deal in gold or other precious metals, : such as silver, platinum and palladium, including mining finance and exploration companies as well as operating companies with long-, medium-, or short -life mines. The base currency of the Fund is U.S. dollar.

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Diversity among industries within industries

2007-07-23 09:30:56 by ----

Got a question. say you choos a certain to industry and ant to be diversified in it. for example the mining industry precious metals. copper, gold, silver, steel, ecttt..
would i be diversified enough if i wanted to go with one metal say copper and pick 5 or 10 mining stock thats primary metal is copper (granted they probably have byproducts of silver,gold..ect..)
could i just think of copper as an industry of its own and be diversified within that?

Mining garbaged cell phones

2008-11-26 15:48:29 by Tek_Jansen

Mining gold used to mean sifting through pans of water and muck to find precious nuggets. That evolved to crawling through dark passages deep within the Earth. The newest gold mine has plastic, a circuit board and the digits of that girl you met at the bar last night.
“Urban mining,” or the process of extracting precious metals from cell phones, is one way to combat the wastes inherent in the mining industry. And your old cell phone is literally a deposit waiting to be unearthed. One metric ton of cell phones contains 140 kilograms of copper, 3

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