License in respect of valuables

May 22, 2023 – 02:48 pm
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Must be in possession of this license those who trade, manufacture or brokering of precious objects.

It should also be noted that such a license is mandatory for foreign traders and manufacturers who want to make the trade of precious objects imported by them in Italy, as well as their agents, representatives, salesmen and salesmen.

Are considered to be those made of precious objects, in whole or in part, from precious metals ie gold, silver, platinum and palladium, corals and pearls of all kinds, even if sold loose, and precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, even if sold loose, and any other stone that is combined with precious metals).

Authority to issue the license is Quaestor, which you should submit the form (pdf 47 kb), together with the relevant documentation:

  • copy of the receipt certifying the payment of the fee for a government grant
  • substitute statement in which the person claiming to be written in the role of business agents in mediation
  • substitute statement in which the person asserts itself as a traveling salesman or salesman or claiming to be written in the role for agents and sales representatives.
  • substitute statement in which the person claims to be the owner of a sole proprietorship or legal representative of indicating, also, all the elements necessary for the identification of the individual or society.
  • ddi consensus statement of the representative in which it also declares that they are not in the conditions listed in Articles. 11, 12 and 131 of TULPS
  • substitute statement in which the person states that the availability of the premises where the activity will be carried out.

The license has permanent duration.


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Jewelry from clay

2008-12-02 14:43:08 by aderim

Does anybody know of a good book describing how to emulate precious stones and metals using polymer clay?
No, I'm not planning to become a couterfeiter in an attempt to survive this economy..... I have some earring and pendant design ideas I would like to try to create with polymner clay.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Africa has many resources in mineral, oil,

2005-03-11 09:38:12 by Parabellum

Precious stones and metals, wtf are you saying? your excuses are lame, what would you suggest? if the free world turned over the entire wealth they have to africa, it would be lost in one generation...gimme a break and look at the history of borrowing and default. Many western interests have lost their asses in africa, because it is a black hole,(no pun intended)

Here i am!

2012-03-07 11:29:09 by flamingo

How old is she?
What type of jewelry is she interested in creating?
The best advice i can offer is to visit a bead store and start playing and brainstorming. Experimenting with different stones, metals, etc, is the best way she will find her look.
Start out with cheap, copper wire, just to play with, before investing in silver and precious metals. She will be more likely to be more creative, and not so pressured to 'not screw up'.
If she gets serious about it, she can take a course. Some bead stores have workshops too. (not my style, but a decent start)

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  • Avatar zig Question for investors who are investing in precious metals?
    Apr 12, 2011 by zig | Posted in Investing

    What advice would you give to people who are barely making it living check by check, but understood the importance of investing into precious metals ? I know it used to be $6/ oz as I remember but I think with $40/ oz Like people are on $1.00/mo - $1300.00/ mo income. I know you can say just get a better job or start budgeting. But I need more detailed examples on how one can do this thing within a budget.

    • Invest in a lower priced metal (silver). I think the price of it will continue to rise after. Also maybe try to find a better job, then u can continue making more investments in other stock and metals such as gold. Good luck

  • Avatar Ann Coulter's Nemesis Do you think America is going to have to face really big changes in the future for it's survival?
    May 04, 2007 by Ann Coulter's Nemesis | Posted in Politics

    I m not asking this question as a fear tactic. It s a legitimate question because the way I m seeing our economy going and the crashing of the dollar, the rising power of corporations and our over dependence on oil is going to lead us either into a fuedal system if we don t change. Or, it is going to change us by necessity into an entirely new system of thinking and governmental model of putting people before profits, communities before corporations …

    • Yes we are - the cons would have you believe economic growth is the only viable strategy, but it fails when examined objectively. I m not sure if we ll see more concentrations in the city though, I m actually thinking we ll see less - or a better balance.