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The disappointing trend in the prices of precious metals by Pierre Leconte

, baisse. Gold and silver metal incidentally being real currency, not only of goods, really rise when the main global reserve currency paper, namely the U.S. dollar, they are the main alternative, lower .

. This is because the U.S. dollar has declined for more than ten years that gold is mounted for over ten years.

, une monnaie encore plus pourrie que lui dont la survie est loin d'être assurée puisque sa construction n'est pas viable sous sa forme actuelle, d'où la baisse de l'or et de l'argent-métal exprimés principalement en dollars US également depuis mi 2011. The problem is that since mid-2011 the U.S. dollar down more because he has in front of him the euro as a secondary alternative, even more rotten currency him whose survival is far from assured since its construction is not sustainable in its current form, where the decline in gold and silver bullion expressed mainly in U.S. dollars as well since mid-2011.

The eurozone is going from bad to worse but the euro / U.S. dollar is no longer falling ...

As the euro / U.S. dollar will fail to break its resistance to 1.32 or U.S. dollar index will not break its support to 78.50, it's a safe bet that no sustainable recovery of gold and money-metal may not hold and grow. The issue is further complicated because the bullion banks, financed by some western central banks to constantly maintain the downward pressure on precious metals (avoid any market or money as long as possible panic) continue to sell short. And mining companies in a very precarious financial situation for most of them, whose shares fell more than precious metals themselves, sell their future production in advance in order to protect themselves against the risk of falling metal prices.


All that maintaining a downward spiral in the prices of precious metals, as we have seen this week during which massive sales took place (obviously by chance just before the end of the month in order to rot Results of Precious Metals Fund taking into account their monthly assessment the value of metals at the end of the month.) Since the beginning of 2012, precious metals have not been able to chain two consecutive months of increases (while mostly very strong and very fast unpredictable) corrections, which is their worst performance since more than ten years and why it has not been possible to make a profit on these assets (except for a few days very short term) as it has been until the end of 2011.


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Junior Mining Shares Ripe For The Picking

2008-08-05 10:46:54 by MasterOFDisaster

The opportunities in Canadian junior mining shares has never been better. And now is the time to get in before prices skyrocket higher in my opinion. As mentioned the other day in pointing out the precious metals sector is turning higher, when the Canadian $ heads over parity against the Greenback, American investors will be looking for a home for excess cash they wish to hold in Loonies. And as they work their way down the food chain, eventually they will arrive at junior mining shares, a group that has been all but forgotten by the institutional types because either company or trading characteristics don't meet desired models at this time

Yes, given the rate at which we are

2006-12-13 18:50:19 by Bendy-Boy

Printing money and getting ever deeper in debt, a portion of one's net worth in precious metals seems prudent
There are the gold and silver ETF;s, CEF (a Canadian closed-end fund that holds gold and silver in approx equal amounts), the miners themselves including a gold miners ETF
Also take a look at platinum and palladium, also (in fact, even more) precious and with various industrial uses and with very limited supply. Stillwater Mining is a play on both

Keep checking their website

2005-06-16 13:19:09 by graphixguy

I can't give you an answer, except they DO occaisionally re-open funds - The Precious Metals and Mining fund just re-opened, but they jacked the minimum up to $10K initial investment.
I am in this fund too, and have profited very well - if they needed a 10K minimum, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
good luck.

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