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May 12, 2023 – 01:03 pm
FOFOA: Brodsky on Gold

。 After six months the stock market ups and downs, look back, maybe this is the best investment products QDII.

的確成為今年以來跑贏A股的基金品種。 In fact, QDII indeed become this year, outperforming the A-share fund products.

月以來, QE3推出預期升溫,直至9月12日QE3正式公佈,這一個月多的時間, QDII基金的漲幅給近期再陷低迷的股市帶來一絲暖意。 Especially since August, QE3 launch expected to heat up until 12 September QE3 officially announced, this time for more than a month, QDII funds rose to the recent downturn in the stock market reoccurrence bring a trace of warmth.

的利好已多數兌現,目前首要留意的就是接下來的風險。 However, recently the Lion Fund Manager Mei law I said that, along with the U.S. stock market close to record highs, QDII positive has most honored, primary attention is now following risks. Optimistic about the future of gold investment products and real estate.

今年完勝A股 QDII A shares this year's victory

月14日, QDII的上漲喜人,平均上漲7.82% 。 Data show that this year, as of September 14, QDII gratifying rise, the average rose 7.82 percent. 。 The Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.44 percent. 遠遠跑贏A股大盤。 QDII far outperforming the A-share market.

月1日以來,截至9月14日, QDII基金全體實現正收益,平均漲幅達到6.21% 。 Meanwhile, on August 1, as of September 14, QDII fund all achieved positive returns, an average rise of 6.21 percent. ;其次是華寶油氣、富國全球頂級消費品股票,分別上漲14.59%和12.31% 。 Among them, the highest increase was voted on global natural resources stocks, was 15.34%; followed Warburg oil and gas, the rich world's top consumer goods stocks were up 14.59 percent and 12.31 percent. 以上。 There Merchants global resources stocks, Hua S & P Oil Index, Bank of global resources, such as gold and precious metals Huitianfu gains are more than 10%. Easy to square up the gold theme, Lion Global Gold's gains also very impressive.

月份之後, 10月份以前, QDII還是可以迎來一個平穩的增長期的。 Earlier, fund manager, said in July after the October before, QDII or can usher in a period of steady growth. This view has been market-proven.

月份以來,市場上有關QE3推出的預期就不絕於耳,也給QDII基金帶來了上漲的理由。 In fact, since August, the market is expected to be launched on QE3 heard, but also to bring a QDII fund rising grounds. 月12日, EQ3如期推出,市場一片歡騰,人們開始對海外市場,尤其是美國市場樂觀起來。 September 12, EQ3 scheduled launch, the market cheered, people began to overseas markets, especially the U.S. market optimism. 基金有望延續三季度以來的漲勢。 Some market participants believe that the move will boost the commodity and financial asset prices, especially gold, crude oil and non-ferrous metals and other asset prices, a strong financial attributes, resources, financial QDII fund is expected to continue since the third quarter rally.


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Junior Mining Shares Ripe For The Picking

2008-08-05 10:46:54 by MasterOFDisaster

The opportunities in Canadian junior mining shares has never been better. And now is the time to get in before prices skyrocket higher in my opinion. As mentioned the other day in pointing out the precious metals sector is turning higher, when the Canadian $ heads over parity against the Greenback, American investors will be looking for a home for excess cash they wish to hold in Loonies. And as they work their way down the food chain, eventually they will arrive at junior mining shares, a group that has been all but forgotten by the institutional types because either company or trading characteristics don't meet desired models at this time

Yes, given the rate at which we are

2006-12-13 18:50:19 by Bendy-Boy

Printing money and getting ever deeper in debt, a portion of one's net worth in precious metals seems prudent
There are the gold and silver ETF;s, CEF (a Canadian closed-end fund that holds gold and silver in approx equal amounts), the miners themselves including a gold miners ETF
Also take a look at platinum and palladium, also (in fact, even more) precious and with various industrial uses and with very limited supply. Stillwater Mining is a play on both

Keep checking their website

2005-06-16 13:19:09 by graphixguy

I can't give you an answer, except they DO occaisionally re-open funds - The Precious Metals and Mining fund just re-opened, but they jacked the minimum up to $10K initial investment.
I am in this fund too, and have profited very well - if they needed a 10K minimum, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
good luck.

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    • Have you not been paying attention? 1. Most of the gold being used to hold as "value" (i.e. hoarding) is going to private individuals (especially in India), not to banks, the IMF, etc. the biggest use of gold is in jewelry It turns out that, historically speaking, gold doesn t keep its value very well. It may be good in times of crisis, but as a hedge against inflation, it loses. But your conclusion is correct. If what you …