Rita and Mike on the Elephant Walk Tandem

Here we are on our  homemade tandem after finishing the 30+ mile St. Paul Classic a few years back. We have missed the Classic  with assorted injuries-back/wrist/etc  but we are healthy for the 2011 season and look forward some good rides and I(Mike) am shooting for 1000 miles tandem and equal solo. We’ll see.


We love to ride in the Classic as you get to see some serious hardware/outfits and see great riders too. I hate to have them go by me as I have a problem with my competitive  gene , at least that is what Rita says. The best part is the tribal aspect of the event. We are are bicycle riders together and we have something to share , the experience of riding in large groups and stretched out for a long way. There are stops with food and entertainment and all and all it is a wonderful way to spend a half a day on the road.

We have become somewhat devoted bike riders. Rita and I log in the area of 1000 miles together each summer. (I-Mike- also ride solo)and hope for at least as good of a season this year . We have now been biking for 10+ years(newcomers compared to many).The main benefit is that we are fitter than any point in our lives. As the Elephant Walk keeps us busy in the summer we ride early AM or in the evening.We usually manage to ride just over 18 miles 2-5 times a week and return to the inn at about 7 AM , to start breakfast. A Favorite ride in the evening is out to the Gausthaus Restaurant for a beer and one of their great sampler platters. A nice light dinner and exercise too. You get to ride next to McKusick lake and Oak Glen Country Club.

Our favorite ride is 6+ miles from the B&B to Pine Point Park on Washington County Rd 5 and 55, the terminus/beginning of the Gateway Trail; this a wonderful resource for biking/roller blading/walking, etc, and is a vital part of our(both personal and public)health care system. From Pine Point Park we take the Gateway for 6+ miles to highway 12; which turns into Myrtle St in Stillwater. We return to Stillwater on a paved trail next to hwy 12 for our last 6 miles. We see deer and turkeys on a regular basis. You will see horses in their pastures,riders too, and a few farms. The Gateway Trail’s generally flat( an old rail bed) terrain is a great place to ride, especially for new riders. When we first start to ride each season we put the bike on the back of the car to avoid some of the hills and drive to Pine Point Park. After a few of these ” training ” rides we are ready for the hills. We would then ride 10-16 miles on the gentle hills the Gateway offers.We see a lot of riders even in the early AM which is great. If you come to Stillwater, bring your bike and take a ride.

Jan 19, 2011

Wheel chair drive train -bicycle like.

Great drive train for wheel chair.

In our travels we get to meet all kinds of folks from all corners of the earth this year we met Thomas, a German fellow. He is also staying at the Baan Kaew guest house in Chiang Mai, Thailand . He is wheel chair bound but has a wonderful attachment that allows him to manually crank a bicycle like drive train to his chair. So he cranks, he is a strong guy,  instead of walking. I have rented a bike , as usual, and plan to ride with Thomas . I hope I can keep up as I am not in my best cycling shape. If not then not. I will be riding with the Chiang Mai Cycling Club on Sunday(s)and will be asking Thomas to join in.

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Dec 20, 2012-Crash Report

On a cycle outing I decided to see how I’d do on Doi Su Tep temple mountain in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its a big climb and I was not going to attempt the whole 15km climb as I didn’t get as much saddle time as I have in past years. So I wasn’t in the best shape and as it turned out my biking skills were not up to the descent . On a particularly nasty corner I crashed into a concrete drainage ditch. I woke up to the park rescue team working on my wounds they could see. I actually had a bunch of broken ribs, broken collar bone and scapula and a punctured lung . I spent 8 days in Chiang Mai Ram hospital with a chest tube to drain my lung of fluid.  I am now totally healed , April 15, 2013 and the biking season is a bit delayed by the weather but I plan on a lot of miles this year.